Self Regulated Learning

Topics: Learning, Study skills, Educational psychology Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Developing my own self-regulated learning plan
I followed self regulated learning process in my preparation for OSS exam, which really helped me. First of all I clearly defined my main goal, to pass OSS exam. In order to achieve my goal I needed 5 months, before the exam will take place. As for allocation of time for every section of exam I should spend 3 weeks. I will study at home, library and can take private courses if I will stuck at certain topics. These mentioned steps will take at Forethought Phase of my self regulated learning process.

Performance phase. So, I have been studying spending from 2 to 4 hours each day after my classes at high school. Sometimes I was exhausted after school and too tired which was some kind of hinder for me. But there was also chance to ask some questions to my school teachers at certain topics I couldn’t grasp and to speak with my classmates about their way of preparation for the exam, discuss some questions of the exam. At the beginning, according to my schedule, I forced myself to study every day, but after that I realized I should give to myself at least one day off , so I can go outside, meet some friends, go to cinema, cheer myself up. I bought several books about self preparation to the exam, books amply covering certain topics of the exam. I have also been using internet recourses. There were no problems in my schedule, everything was fine, so I continued to stick to my schedule. When I started to cover mathematic part of my study, I started to attend private courses, which already was in my schedule.

Self-reflection Phase. I believe I have successfully accomplished my goal I am very satisfied what I have done. During my preparation to OSS exam I have learned a lot things, but what important is I have learned how to allocate my time, how to concentrate myself to certain topics. But there were also some problems during my learning process, such as inflexibility of time schedule. Since this exam was so important,...
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