Self-Reflection on One Minute Entrepreneur

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Chapter 9-11 talked about how to handle your business with thought and care yet balancing it with family life. Given the examples, it showed that taking care of your customers, your employees, and your family is more important than the business itself. Without them, you will lose your company.

Reading every chapters help me remember that people around me are more important than the business. First, I learned that to satisfy the needs and wants of my customers, I have to listen to their ideas with understanding and make it happen. Next, I learned that in order to have a successful business, I have to have a good relationship with my employees because they are my assets to my business. Lastly, I learned that I should never forget the things around me such as my family and friends when working in a business meaning I have to balance with life.

These learning insights all applied to the person who I am today. I realized that there are things that I should stop, start, and sustain. First, I should stop ignoring the needs of my people and start listening to their needs with patient and understanding. That way I will sustain a good relationship with my people. Not only that but I will be able to learn new things from them and that would be helpful for future use. Next, I should stop worrying about doing things on my own and start remembering that there are people with great ideas to help you out. That way I can gain more ideas and knowledge from them and that I can finish my work on time. Lastly, I learned that I should stop thinking about myself and start thinking of the people around me. That way it can help me be a better leader and a better person.

Now as I learned new things from every chapter, there are points for myself to develop myself as a rookie entrepreneur in relation to my career goal. As a new entrepreneur, there are many questions to answer. First, how will I able to gain more customers and make them crazy about my business? Second, how...
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