Self Reflection of My Existence

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  • Published : September 26, 2012
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I am existing not because of me or anyone in this universe but our creator our LORD, our CHRIST. He made me exist for a reason for a purpose in life he only knew.Only God can tell why i'm here, Only him can describe his own creation. Us as human being and other living and non-living things here in the universe. Our creator gives us handbook for life that explains why we exists; he gave us the bible which composed of laws,historical information,poetry,prophecy, and devide inspired letters that explain the role of our existence here in the universe. It is written in Col 1:16

"For by him all the things we're craeted" -this explains our origins.And to some extent the reason of our origins. Also God gives/leave us the choice on how we will run our life through out our life. so it is in our hands not his. we have a choice to follow his rules or commandments but sometimes or often we are tempted to violate those rules and that causes us to sin to God and to the others that involves. God is not subject to desires such as that for pleasure; His existence is beyond this. He did not create us for His own carnal desires; He created us for the proliferation or multiplication of love. i exist because i'm not perfect i'm just a human being i do commit mistakes but that's a part of life i do forgive my self for all the things i've done.. in the process i'm trying to be a better me. in every actions i'm doing there is always a consequences wether good or bad still i have the choice to pick. my existence here in earth is not that easy i know many of us are struggling to fight for our life everyday.lots of problem that we're weighing in our self,and how we can help our self to solve it not in a hard way or what should be done first.or sometimes we're getting too dependent to others like friends etc..and sometime we're disappointed by them because instead of making us strong or happy they're the one who's causing us the pain tnd just leave as along the way.but...
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