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Special thanks is extended to the Lecturer Of DC 206 or Counselling technique 1,Puan Ida Hartina Ahmed Tharbe and my voluntary ‘client’ ,En Mohammad Faidzal of EDIC 19

Table of contents

A section
A compact disk of taped counselling session

B section
* Foreword
* Fun time!
* Introduction
* Quote(Sigmund freud)
* Self evaluation/asessment reports
* Quote(Albert Ellis)
* Continuation of self evaluation/asessment reports
* Fun time!
* Afterword
* Fun time!
* References


Thank Ya Rabb for giving me strength, ideas and courage to start doing this assignment. I’ve had a sore muscle pain or some may called it cramped on my right hand, it happened a week ago as I was doing house chores and this is the second time in my life it happened and cause me a lot of pain and difficulty in doing everything from driving, cleaning, eating,dressing myself …what more to do typing .

God understands me as it is so close to dateline and today, the pain decreases, feel better and here I am, starting typing, digging ideas and some brainstorming to work on this assignment.

There are a couple of reasons why I decide to pursue further studies.   Firstly is to broaden my career options, secondly to increase my knowledge and lastly, for betterment of overall personal development.

When I started my first semester, I find myself struggling for time. My lifestyle has become chaotic, as I have to juggle between work and family. I felt tired everyday and have no motivation to complete my tasks. This is mainly due to my poor time management.

I am always motivated by those people who possess higher qualifications and capable of managing multiple roles in life e.g. student, mother, wife,husband,employee. Perhaps good time management plays a vital part.

This module has taught me valuable skills, which are pertinent to my everyday life.

The assignment of this module, DC 206 is to do a counselling session. We have limited time to carry out research as many of us have full time careers. This is where I found out how time management and teamwork play as important elements for success.

We discussed in class at break time, it was a short discussion and we have course mates voluntary to be clients and another course mate (who also a UMCCED employee) willing to allocate a suitable place for the counselling session. This is how we manage to complete a session, with many hidden hard work behind it.

I personally would like to convey my apology to Puan Ida, our lecturer of module 206 because when the session in process, there were inadequate equipments and most of our recording ended up with poor auditory. So to say, we are still amateurs…!

I really hope Puan Ida would accept my sincere apology and understand the situation that we are in.

Last but not least, Thank you again for your dedication and knowledge conveyed to us. It was a priceless.

Fun time!


Counselling sessions can help us work through a range of personal issues from everyday hardships to potentially life threatening situations.   In this reflective essay I propose or try to put theory to practice by analysing and reflecting upon some forty minutes session with a voluntarily client, he was my course mate. His name is En Muhammad Faidzal Sani, he is a schoolteacher and in his 30’s.  The session is to be recorded and ‘burn’ into compact disk.

We had our session start about 4pm on 20/12/12. The location and necessary equipment (although not perfect) had been arranged by Ms Rohana Mydin in one of UMCCED office room. Below is the brief synopsis of En Faidzal‘s problem.

En Faidzal is a primary school teacher in Klang, Selangor. He is teaching Bahasa Malaysia and in charge of school marching team. He is feeling upset and some sort of dissatisfaction over the effect done on his Marching Team whom he is in charged .He told me that his marching team was doing okay under his...
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