Self Motivation

Topics: Answer, Question, Accept Pages: 2 (273 words) Published: April 14, 2008
I 've got self motivation as my highest score. In doing the self assessment. I

really don’t have any idea on what am I supposed to do. Until, I read the

instructions and I proceed to answer all those questions that they were asking. While

answering the assessment. I had the feeling of enjoyment in doing it. I enjoyed bec-

ause, I know there is no right or wrong answer, it is only a simple test that simply can

give me an opportunity to create a realistic and current self-portrait. Then after

tallying the result. Self motivation is my highest among the other areas maybe

because, In my self I know I have a lot of dreams, goals in life and the self

motivation to reach them, that's why all the questions that related in self motivation

met my standard behavior and it fall into self-motivation. On the other hand

accepting self responsibility is my lowest one. I guess because of without having

self-confidence with my self and being raised with my parent who were so overly

protected to me and frequently making decisions for me instead of doing it with

my own. That's why sometimes I really feel bad that for me it seems that I don’t

know anything or like I can't take too much responsibility all alone, but despite of

that I keep on trying my best to accept responsibility and be responsible on

handling them. However, I'm excited about developing the inner qualities, outer

behavior and academic skills that have helped others achieve success in college

and in life.
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