Self Management Behavior Contract

Topics: Management, Motivation, Behaviorism Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: October 22, 2011
Self Management Behavioral Contract
Taueva Lino
BSHS/312 version 4
October 2, 2011
Elaine McCullough

Self Management Behavioral Contract
In this application is discusses how ones can use the principles and techniques of behavior modification to improve your self-control. It’s a systematic approach to changing behavior through the application of the principles of conditioning. The technology of behavior modification has been applied with success in schools, businesses, hospitals, factories, childcare facilities, prisons, and mental health centers (O’Donohue, 1998; Rachman, 1992). Growing up in an under develop country with no college or university low wages jobs in an everyday bases. With a dream of someday I could be able to get over this. Going back to school is a dream come true, at the same time, raise five children and a job is not that easy especially, the youngest child was born with a brittle bone disease. According to Weiten. W (2005). ”The first step in a self=modification program is to specify the target behavior(s) that one’s want to change. This behavior can be applied only to a clearly defined, overt response, yet many people have difficulty pinpointing the behavior they hope to alter.” The first thing I need to do is setting my goal; I want to improve my study habit to a better standard as my credit is not so good. Because I have reach my goal on achieving my associate degree, I make my decision that I will further my study to find a better job with good wages to put my family in a better living standard in the future. With my action on how I handle my responsibility, work, and study is not satisfying. I need to remind myself to set my every day timetable and to improve my study habit in what I need to change. Before this change I need to know what I need to concentrate on doing and what I need to not concentrate. For example, my everyday routine is working up at 6:00a.m., and gets my younger son ready for school because the...
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