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  • Published : October 3, 2011
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Analysis Assignment 3: Self-Management
The questions in this assessment were mainly about self discipline, your organization skills, your goal settings and time management. It asked questions like if I set goals for myself and accomplish it, if I plan ahead, do I keep an agenda or notes to remind myself of appointments, schedules or deadlines.

All these skills are needed to make a good manager. You must be organized, be able to set goals and accomplish them and also have good time management. My score was 108. According to the scoring, my practice of self-management is uneven. That means that I might be disciplined in one area and not in another. I agree with this assessment. I tend to be very organized with my doctor appointments and other schedules. I like to keep an agenda to keep me organized in that area. The area that I need to organize and discipline myself in is doing my homework. I always end up doing homework the day before it’s due. This is very stressful on my part but yet I still do it for some odd reason. I need to practice finding time during the week for homework for 21 days so I can make it a habit.

Some of my strengths are being organized at home and constantly keeping up with appointments. Like I said, I like to keep an agenda to keep me organized and as a reminder of due dates for bills or doctor appointments. My weakness is time management. I need to keep track of my day and make time for certain activities like my homework, my daughter’s homework or even organizing my room. I would definitely like to start doing my homework with time and not rush. I need to manage my days better. My goal is to start finding time during the week to do homework instead of the day before it is due. I plan to try doing this for 21 days so it can stick with me and become a habit.

I do not believe I am ready for management. There are a lot of areas I need work on like time management, working with others and settings goals and...
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