Self Managed Teams

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Unit 7 Assignment

In Unit 7 we learned about self-managed teams. I believe that Sandwich Blitz would benefit from a self-managed team because that would take a lot of pressure off of Dalman and Lei. I think that the one that they should go with would be the Semiautonomous Work Group. I think this because it would give the person or persons Dalman and Lei put in charge a lot of responsibilities that they are currently taking on themselves.

In a Semiautonomous Work Group the person or persons in charge make the majority of the decisions and carry out the day to day things and would only get Dalman and Lei involved if they needed support for certain things that would need their approval. I think this is what Dalman and Lei are implementing and it’s not going very well for them. Dalman seems to be more of a manager than the managers of the specific stores are.

I think that an Autonomous Work Group would be better than an Semiautonomous Work Group because in an Autonomous Work Group the person or persons in charge are in charge period point blank end of conversation. They take care of every single little detail. It is sort of like franchising the store. I think this will take a lot of pressure off of Dalman and Lei and they will still be making money and they could even be making more money if they chose to do an Autonomous Work Group.

At the end of the day Dalman and Lei need to do something to make Sandwich Blitz more successful than it already is. They are under too much pressure with the way things are going and don’t have the time to do what they need to be doing because they are taking care of the little details that their managers should be taking care of that is why I think they should go ahead and implement an Autonomous Work Group.
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