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  • Published : May 17, 2012
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If you had to go out of town for a weekend, do you think it would be easy to find the right person to watch over your kids while you are away? Working with children has taught me some of the most valuable lessons in my life. Being a babysitter has taught me independency, responsibility, and time management. Some people think babysitting is the easiest job but they really don't know all the hard work it entails. Babysitting made me become the independent person I am today. Ever since I started babysitting I was able to afford my self economically. Even though I lived with my mom when I started this kind of job, I was able to pay my cell phone bill, clothing, n other things that would help out in the house like the electricity bill and some groceries. When I babysit I am responsible for all the children that are under my care at the moment. I am very good at it. I know how to keep them safe and happy. Despite what people may think, babysitting is not a about sitting on the couch and eating the kids food. I realized how much responsibility I had when the parents left me with 3 children for a weekend. I was 17 years old and had to watch 3 kids all under the age of 6. I had to do their laundry, make their beds, prepare meals, and bring them to different activities during the day. I remember the first day it was extremely overwhelming. Whether I liked it or not I had to make all those things happen. The responsibility babysitting has taught me made transitioning to college easy. Before entering freshman year, I knew how to take care of myself (plus 3 kids), do laundry, prepare my own meals, and manage my time. Time management has played a huge role in babysitting.

When I was in high school I would babysit after school until 9 o'clock. I had to learn how to balance my school work along with babysitting. My time management skill has been most helpful in college.

I have no problem balancing my school work, free time, and going out. I know how to...
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