Self Introduction for Communication Course

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Self introduction
My name is ###, and you can call me ### for convenience. I’m an international student from Southern China. As with many Chinese students here, I take accounting as my major as well. The reason why I choose this as my future potential career is not only because of my family tradition-both of my parents are accountants, but also because that I think accounting is a challenging major. I’m an optimistic and candid, compassionate and well-mannered girl. I like to make friends with all kinds of persons from different cultures, especially those from Asia, because our cultures are very similar. I think that Australian students are very friendly and helpful, honesty and integrity. When I have problems, I like to ask them for help. Last time, the electricity in my home break down, and it was two of my Australian neighbours who helped to sort it out. I’m very thankful to them. I also like to share some sushi, which is the bonus of my workplace to them. As to my communicative strengths, I have the willingness to communicate with others and make friends, because I reckon that friends would cheer me up when I’m down and share delight when I’m happy. However, my weakness is that I’m a little bit reserved especially when confronted with strangers. But I’m sure that I’ll overcome this weakness and be more skilled at communicating with others after completing this unit. The above is a brief introduction of me, hope we can have a rewarding process of communication by teaching and learning during the summer session.
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