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Topics: Critical thinking, Learning, Journalism Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Hi, I’m Eleanor. I’m the first year student from CUSCS. I want to attend journalism, because I wanna be a journalist. I know this subject acquired student have strong team spirit, language skill, organization skill and critical thinking. And I would say that I’m good at writing and I think freedom of press is very important. So I think if I were a journalist or editor, I’ll try my best to report everything to resident. I enjoy my SCS life, it was memorable. Because I’m SCS reporter, so I need to write something about my feelings of school activities or school life. For example, our college has lots of outdoor activities like war game. This activity enhances my leadership and organization skill. During this game, everybody have to deal with many problems such as how to face unexpected situation, how to cooperate with teammates and how to lead your teammates break the round. After this game, I get along with my teammates and my team spirit was much better than before. Also, in my spare time, I enjoy writing. I’m the brochure editor for Kuwn Tong singing contest 2012. I need to design the brochure cover page, content, took photos during singing contest, interview the participant, the judge and some committees. Also I need to make some video clips about the singing contest. This is a big challenge for me, because it’s my first time to make some desktop publishing and I have to make a lot of decisions. For instance, I need to choose the color of cover page that it can attract people’s attention. Also, some participant was nervous and shy, so I have to encourage them to talk more about their feelings. During the singing contest I learnt lots of things. For example, I know more about the interview skill, I should prepared few questions for participant, and think how to start an interview in a fun way. Then, before the interview I should practice my interview skill with my friends. So I think this is a good experience for me to become a journalist. Then, I’m interested...
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