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Topics: Education, School, Learning Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: March 7, 2013
I was very active as a child and was open to any new things I was surrounded by. I enrolled at junior school at the very early ages. However, at the age of 7, which is most preferable to enter schools, I changed my school to Russian educating one. Since that time I have been studying in Russian taught departments. I think it was a good choice, because I could improve both, Russian and Kazakh language at the same time. I was always interested with math, chemistry and biology at school time, but closer to graduation from middle school I realized that humanitarian field attracts me more and I got involved with geography, history, art, culture and languages, especially of eastern countries. Talking about the last, it became one of my hobbies, which helped me to choose University later. It was very difficult to choose University and major, but I decided not to follow what was in ”trend”, which University was more prestigious or which major was most required according to the economy of our country. I relied on my feelings and wanted to enjoy the studying process. I love travelling, observing and learning languages, so I decided to choose oriental studies, department of Japanese and Korean studies. I heard quiet a lot that I had abilities to learn languages so fast and it encouraged me even more. However, despite barely learning languages, I got involved in studying other countries’ history, religion, geopolitical status, domestic and foreign policy, ancient and modern culture, lifestyle etc. I am very happy with the field I chose and would like to continue studying, but enhance the research field. I love education process and whatever I do, I try to learn something out of it and spend my time prolifically. That is why I went to several summer schools, such as Cambridge University summer school and Dongguk University summer school, where I had International Communication, Application in Leadership and Negotiation Strategies courses. It was a marvelous experience and...
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