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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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My name is Zhao Yan. I am studying at Nanjing Foreign Language School and now busy preparing for college study. Many years of hard working and strict training have made me a qualified middle school student with high qualities.

I have a good relationship with my classmates and teachers as I am generally sociable in personality. I am thoughtful and helpful in school. As for my study, I pay special attention to the development of my thinking manners so that I become quick in thinking and broad in knowledge. Seeking reality and progress, I have achieved excellence in my study. I particularly love such subjects as math, physics, biology and English. I am strong in logical thinking and oral expressing. I am creative and unique in views on certain matters. I have won many awards in the above subjects (see the copies of these certificates).

Morally I may say I am also excellent, because I am strict with myself, following the school’s rules and regulations, taking active part in various activities, displaying great interest in our country’s important events and world affairs. I love our motherland and our people and I am trying to get the party membership. All this has led me to win the “XiangYu Scholarship”.

In addition, I have developed many hobbies in my life. For example, I love reading, computer and Internet, music and sports. I have been a champion several times in our school’s sports meet.

In short, as a student studying at Nanjing Foreign Language School, I am determined to make my own contribution to our country’s diplomatic affaires.
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