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  • Published : October 16, 2012
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I was born in xxth August 19xx and I became xx years old in this year. My English name is John, so you can call me this for the short. My hometown was xxxx and I spent most of my life there. After I completed military service I decided to go to UK with my brother for my education. It was March xxxx. Actually my strength is drawing and art work but I studied hospitality management because I want become a great business man like my father. He always told me ‘if you want to take a confidence from others, you have to listen carefully them first.’ So now I consider myself to be a quite good listener. As I am a person who studies hospitality management and have a good experience in trading company in xxxx, I am well aware of the high reputation of the ministry of foreign affairs and trade. It is blessing for me to have this opportunity to be administrator of xxxxx embassy in xxxxxx.

Since I have good experience in many places in the UK, such as Holyrood and Hilton hotel, I know how to deal with people and what the best service is. My knowledge to strategy and organization management, which I learnt from the xxxxx University in xxxxx, can support me to assist general administration work in MFAT. I can also apply my experience from trading company and cultural industry institute in xxxxx. With my English skill, which I have learnt in the UK more than 5 years from the school and job, I can communicate with foreign people closer and give them a quality service As a team member, I am also ready to produce best work all together. I really wish to be a member of yours and I am free to attend a further interview at your convenience.

Thank you for taking your time.
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