Self Identity

Topics: The Culture, Culture, Question Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: September 30, 2011
Everybody have the power to constructs their identity but most of the people construct it by looking at one’s own life. But, first you have to know who you are for find your-self identity. Through the time, people start to find themselves, by asking question themselves, for example, in the poem “Not Neither” by Sandra Maria Esteves, she asks herself “Y que soy, pero con what voice do my lips move?” that mean that she try to find out who she are, however, she stated that no matter what happened or what people say she is Puerto Rican. Also she adds, “Giving blood to the independent star” that is mean that she will die for Puerto Rico and she is proud to be Puerto Rican. Also, many people have to identity because they already born with a culture but they want to learn another culture, for example, in the poem "Here" by Sandra Maria Esteves she adds, "I am two parts/a person boricua/spic past and present alive and oppressed given a cultural beauty. . . and robbed of a cultural identity" that mean that she had already a culture but she want to take over another cultures. No matter if you don’t know what language you speak, in one moment in your life you will take a minute, think and you will find out what is your true identity. A lot of people take much time finding it. However, In conclusion, no matter how long it will take you to find your self-identity, you will find yourself one day. And when you find your identity, you will never forget it, no matter if you learn more culture around the world. And the perfect start to find your identity is looking yourself, for example, who you are? Where you coming from?
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