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  • Published : December 25, 2012
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Computer network is a interconnected collection of autonomous computers. Two computers are said to be interconnected if they share the information The connection can be via wired or wireless medium

Computer are autonomous so do not follow master slave relationship A system with one control unit and many slaves is not a network In distributed all the functions like moving of information between systems is automatic. There is a transparency of information In network all functions are to be done explicitly

The distinction between distributed and network lies with software  
Use for computer network:
Networks for companies:
 Resource sharing: data should be available to everyone on network. Attempt to end tyranny of geography
 High reliability: having alternatives source of supply , through existence of multiple copies  Saving money: small computers have much better price to performance ratio then large one. The allow existence of client server model  Scalability: System performance can be increased by adding processors, which is cost effective when compared to replacement in mainframe computer model  Communication medium: provides powerful communication between widely separated employees. It allow writing a report together and editing of information online allow everyone to view it immediately Networks for people:

 Access to remote information: access to financial institution . Pay their bill, access bank account and do home shopping. Online newspaper. Here interaction is between person and remote database.  Person to person interaction: email. Videoconferences. Interactive entertainment: video on demand. Live TV. Playing games simultaneously.

Social issues:
The widespread introduction of networking will introduce new social, ethical, political problems. Newsgroups or bulletin boards: article regarding politics, religion and sex. Employee’s right verses employer’s right

Network hardware:
Classification based on Transmission technology:...
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