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Samira Bashout
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Self-Help Book Review

“Wish It, Dream It, Do It” by, Leslie Levine is a book that has 52-step guide, one week at a time, to help a person accomplish their dreams. This book encourages you to focus on your goals, figure out strategies on achieving those goals, overcoming obstacles that delay your achievements, and staying inspired to do so. At this point in my life, I feel that I am on the wrong path and I need some correct guidance on helping myself figure out what exactly I wish to achieve. Continuing on with these simple steps, I hope to get a clear understanding about what I truly desire and seeing many of my dreams come true.

Leslie Levine makes it clear and easy to understand every step. After each chapter, there are exercises for you to do on your own to practice, experiment, ask and affirm. This approach focuses on what’s inside, what moves you, makes you happy, and drives you to become a whole and authentic individual. The promises that are met are easy to complete. She has you set realistic goals for ones self and encourages you to accomplish them every week. Once a goal has been reached, she advices you to reward yourself. It’s a good way to feel good and know that you’re headed in the right direction to a better life. Levine has earned her B.A. in English/Humanities, M.S. in technical writing, and an M.B.A. in marketing. She is also a writer, speaker, and public relations professional who has written three nonfiction books and currently working on a novel. She has appeared on many different television shows and magazines promotion her books and going in to detail about how simple these steps are to better yourself and making your dreams become a reality. Here are few reviews that some readers have said about her book: “It can seem like a long road from dreaming it to doing it, but Leslie Levine provides a blueprint in baby steps. She urges the reader to imagine a fulfilling path and then points the way.” –...
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