Self Fulfilling Prophecy

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Paper on Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

I recall being very young when these self-fulfilling prophecies have started. There were times when I would be doing some things and then suddenly a person crosses my mind. Not long after, I either get a phone call from that person or I see that person. More often than not, the outcomes of events that occur in a person’s life is the product of the idea of the self-fulfilling prophecy. It is that which occurs when a person’s expectations of an event make the outcome more likely to occur than would otherwise have been true. Or restated, as Henry Ford once put it, “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you’re right!” This brief research paper touches on the two types of self-fulfilling prophecies, those that are self-imposed and those that are imposed by others. Additionally, it gives a discussion on how great of an influence it is in each person’s life, both positively and negatively, and how it consequently helps to mold one’s self-concept and ultimately one’s self.

The self-imposed, or self-inflicted, self-fulfilling prophecy; this idea follows that if one has a preconception or notion of an outcome, then chances are that person will raise the possibility of making it so. Take for example: ‘I can’t handle this.’ And guess what? We don’t handle it well. If I tell myself I won’t have a good time at the party I’m going to, I am likely to behave in ways that generate exactly that reality, eliciting from other people indifferent responses, proving my premise.

Additionall, consider the example of the student studying for a mathematics test the following morning whose belief is that since he is and has been studying and has a good working knowledge of the subject area, that he will do well on the test and does so the following morning. When compared to another student doing the same but is less prepared and knowledgeable in the area and additionally thinks that he will fail and did, he performed better because...
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