Self Evaluation on Powerpoint

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  • Published : February 1, 2011
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Self Evaluation of my PowerPoint Presentation

My power point presentation relayed my personal and professional history to date. The topic description “Why did you return to further education”. The assignment also gave me the opportunity to express my goals and ambitions. In guiding preparation for public speaking and gaining more confidence by practicing in front of an audience. A trait that will be a necessity for future endeavours when going to university or into the work force. The presentation gave me the ability to help demonstrate to the class a more in-depth knowledge of myself, more personal by adding i.e. video clips of my family, photos of previous work experience, accomplishing this task helped the audience see the person from a different perspective. Therefore it was a good assignment for potentially making the students more united and helping create a bond. The power point application on this particular topic I believe encouraged the presenter and the viewers to interact with each other more. To me it was very important to connect with whom I am speaking to, making eye contact expressing myself well, and projecting my voice so all could and just as important applying a good power point slides that would not make my audience restless or bored all these elements need to be thought of for a presentation, think of your audience and if it were you who is the audience what would intrigue?.This is crucial in making your presentation a success.. Now each individual knows a little something about the other person that enhances a great atmosphere in the class and integrates an environment of positivity

My voice projected across the room very well, achieving this one needs to make themselves speak clearly, confidant even if you feel nervous inside, taking your time and giving your audience a chance to understand what message you are trying to get across. To perfect the slides and the presentation to be in unison took some practice and speaking to myself...
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