Self Evaluation on English 220

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English-220 is an advance composition class which deals with the preparation in the techniques of exposition for operational writing. We are now at the middle of the semester, which has flown by pretty quickly; the purpose of the class is to improve our writing skills which we have acquired throughout our years of education. After entering this course I didn’t really comprehend the need of knowing the purpose of writing, effectively using the primary and secondary sources of information in academic sources, and knowing how to recognize and use the ethos, pathos and logos, which then were clear to me that they were are all part of the rhetorical triangle.

Coming into this semester I have always had problems when it comes to writing papers, especially when using primary and secondary sources of information. So far, throughout the semester my view about writing has begun to change. I believe the motive for this was because I was improving, I wasn’t becoming the best writer but I could see myself making improvements in my writings. These improvements might not be seen in the actual writing itself, but the fact that I want to become an enhanced writer in the business world is an improvement to me. It has a brought a more secure feeling when I am ask to write papers in this class, and the reasons is because I find it easier to get my thoughts together to write a promising paper. Another reason for my growth as a writer is my better understanding of the writing principles. I don’t have a full grasp on everything but believe if I keep working hard I can become the well improved writer I want to be.

So far in the English course, we have done some readings and analyzing of the book “Entering the Academic Conversation”. When reading the book alone, it brings a challenge to me to be fully focus on every piece of writing, but in class we would re-read and analyze the texts so that everyone has a better understanding of what exactly they read...
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