Self Evaluation

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Self Evaluation

The most single important piece of knowledge I have gained in English class this year was the fact that if you work hard enough and put effort into your work, in the end, it will result in good things further ahead in the future. My level of effort on my assignment this year so far has been not so great than what I wanted it to be. I can say that it’s due to the fact that I am partially lazy and I may not find the topic so interesting but either way, one has to do the work and you might as well enjoy it. I didn’t actually do my best quality work. I who have like to try, but sadly I did not. My best moments I have had in class was when we all read “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and when we watched the movie version of the book. One of my worst moments was ……. The Dear Martha letter mad the biggest impression on me. I would say that it’s because I felt that I was writing that letter during a time of war. One skill I would like to improve most on is my essay writing skill. I personally find it difficult to write essays. I may be bored and not want to or I may be because I have writers block and I can’t concentrate at all. If anything I have learned in English class helped me in life, I guess I would say yes. I would say yes because my knowledge in writing and reading has improved and I will continue using the later in my life. When I go to college am going to do thing differently. I will do my best not to slack off and to do all of my work and to do my best to hand in things on time. What had stopped me from doing my best in English class was the fact that I thought that this year was going to be a breeze for me. I had come to realize that too late, but let this be a lesson to me that sometime that life doesn’t go the way you expect it to go. What I would have done to improve the class is, and this is my thought, to have more class reading time, more activities, and not as much work for the senior class. Then again it’s just my thought....
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