Self Evaluation

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Self Evaluation
Lannise Cobb Miller

Professor Kirk T. Hughes, PhD.

English 102-06

October 2012

Self Evaluation

This semester I was definitely challenged. I was not quite ready for the amount of homework I was going to receive for all my classes. For instance, English 102-06 the work itself is intense, there is a lot of reading and writing. I tried to make a class schedule to accommodate my job, study time, and time for my four year old daughter. I am fully aware what are my weaknesses are as a writer just as; I know what my strengths are as a writer. Each day I feel it is a struggle for me; however, I will not give up. I’ve come too far. Every day I am learning what is expected of me as a writer. I am learning what to do and what not to do.

On my first day of English 102-06 I was kind of nervous. I really did not know what to expect. Especially once I meet my professor he seemed a bit intimidating. However, I still wanted to challenge myself. He gave all of his students the option to drop his class if we were not ready. He mentioned that the work would be intense. I still was interest in taking this class although the said all of this. I thought to myself this should be easy. Since I passed English 101, I thought it couldn’t be any worse. I was in such a surprise. In English 101 you’re doing more essay than anything, which isn’t that hard. In English 102-06 it’s more of reading texts that you really don’t understand. It is intense but in a good way.

Our first week of class we were assigned to write an essay about love and a literature journal. I said to myself, “What did I just get myself into?” I still did the literature journal knowing t was a possibility that I had done it wrong. Of course I did it wrong, but at least I tried. In my first essay, I made many mistakes. One of my biggest mistakes was that I did not use the proper format, which is MLA format. My professor gave us resources to help us with the formatting however, I did not...
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