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Self Evaluation>>>

Opening Statement
With midterms upon us, one is often asked to self evaluate themselves. When looking back at the first half of this semester, I am not one hundred percent content with how things have started. We were asked to consider the question “Why should you receive a/an [insert percentage or letter grade] on your midterm participation evaluation?” After much thought I would have to give myself at least a B+ for my midterm participation evaluation. The following will explain why.

Self Evaluation
When self-evaluating for a participation grade it is very important to look at the positives and negatives that have been generated. I feel that when it comes to preparation I am always well prepared. I always carefully read and highlight text before class, and during class. I always bring my book, and keep my eyes on the speaker when they are talking. I also never come into class late, that way I don’t disrupt everybody else’s learning environment. I take classroom etiquette into effect when I am critically and respectfully listening as well. There are a few things I feel like I do exceptionally well. I always actively listen and take notes, and make sure to never interrupt others. Also, I don’t disrespect other students or you when there is a disagreement. Another way I show respect is by waiting till the end of class to pack up. In order for self-evaluation to be useful one cannot ignore the negatives. Instead you must embrace them and try to correct them. Most of my participation problems lay within the active engagement category. There are a few things I need to work on. I feel I participate in class discussions but not nearly as much as I could. I am also hesitant to ask questions and take risks. Although I feel these problems still need work, I think I have gotten more comfortable week after week in the class discussions. Advocacy for Grade

As stated in the opening statement I think I have earned a B for my participation...
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