Self Esteem on Job Performance

Topics: Self-esteem, Conceptions of self, Motivation Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: November 30, 2010
Self-Esteem and Job Performance
Self esteem is our evaluation of our self concept in strengths, weaknesses, and status. Studies on overall performance show that people with high self-esteem tend to achieve more than those with low self-esteem. High self-esteem is thought to improve persistence when having a difficult time performing various tasks, are less likely to give up, and more likely to perform just as hard on following tasks (Brown and Dutton, 1995). When performance is poor for one with a high self-esteem, it is thought to be thought of as some sort of mistake or accident by the individual. A person with high self-esteem concentrates more on the positive aspects such as success and improving their self image. In contrast, an individual with low self-esteem that performs poorly on a task sees it as being consistent with self concept and confirms their view of themselves. One perspective that has been considered is that self-esteem should be related to job performance (Ferris, 2010). It has been considered that individuals with high self-esteem attempt to perform their best in order to maintain consistency

with their self image. Suggestions evoke the notion that high self-esteem provides a buffer against role stressors that would otherwise hinder workplace motivation and performance (Ferris, 2010). Meta-analytic reviews suggested that there is a positive correlation between self-esteem and job performance. People with high self-esteem are thought to weaken the relationship between stress and the outcomes of a given situation. Behavioral plasticity theory is consistent with the proposal that high self-esteem can act as a resource, providing a buffer against negative conditions and reducing their impact (Ferris, 2010). Individuals with low self-esteem lack such a thing and therefore are more affected by negative situations. Self-esteem restraints predict the time one spends in activities; one spends more time and effort because one wants to succeed...
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