Self Esteem Essay

Topics: Child, Education, Self-esteem Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Tom Thacker Is boosting childrens self esteem a valuble educational tool? The 'self esteem movement' was introduced mainly in American and some british schools, to make children feel better about themselves so they would have a confidence boost and feel like they could acheive anything they put their mnds to. The 'self esteem movement' thought to ban bad grades because 'they argued that failing or getting a low grade was an unpleasant experience', and some schools went as far as to give every piece of work an A grade. The 'self esteem movement' wasn't helpful for students because if they weren't learning the correct skills then it would be extremely hard for them to gain a successful career as 'universities refused to buy into this nonsense; universities needed students with knowledge, skills and suitable attitudes and employers needed employees who were capable of doing the job'. Children having 'self esteem' is a strong part of education but they also need small dissapointments in life to prepare them for later life. Parents were eventually sucked in to the movement and were told 'they should boost their childrens 'self esteem' by praising the for anything they did'. An american social commentator Jean M. Twenge argued that the movement was 'anti educational' and that by 'protecting them from critisism in childhood meant that they were completely unprepared for adult life'. She also argued that the consequences of this that there would be 'a generation of self-obsessed children who had chidren who had no standards againt which to judge their behaviour or achievements', they haven't been taught standards, so is there a standard for them anymore. Jean M. Twenge also argued the way to get the best out of children is through hard work and practice not by telling them to 'follow their dream' and 'that they can have anything if they want it enough' because in the real it's simply...
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