Self-esteem and Senior Project Procrastination

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  • Published : March 13, 2008
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Psychology 250
October 10, 2007
Senior Project
Procrastination is something that most people have done or experienced throughout schooling and life. I have done it through my entire schooling career. It is not worth the pain and stress some one puts themselves through but for some reason not a lot of people learn from there mistake. Whether its because people have low self esteem, or just don't care I don't know, but it's a hard habit to break. I commit this mistake all the time but brought procrastination to a new level my senior year of High School. I waited until the last few days to get it done and it showed in my presentation.

This problem of waiting until the last minute to do things has followed me my whole life. I think I picked it up as a young child and have held on to it since. Its always made things very difficult, much more difficult then they should originally be. I have started to learn from this. The type of conditioning that this falls under would be operant. This is because I have learned from prior mistakes and changed the way I approach things, which has made things much easier.

My senior year was made very difficult and stressful because of procrastination. This was a research project that was to be worked on over the whole. It required a mentor, interviews, a paper, a certain amount of hours, and a final presentation. I got the paper done in a short amount of time and figured I would be okay for a while. A while turned into waiting until the last three weeks of school. I ended up never getting a mentor but I finished the hours and the interviews, but it was very close. The stress I put my self was not worth the trouble. Also the end result did not meet my prior expectations I had for myself. I knew I could have done a lot better if I had rationed my time better, but I did not so I got the grade I deserved. This topic relates to a lot of things because in my opinion if you procrastinate on almost everything which I did, I believe you...
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