Self-discovery: Learning and Golden Personality Test

Topics: Learning, Skill, Education Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: October 6, 2011
Jaron Gilmore
Career Success Strategies

Self-discovery is a process to find out about yourself- the good and bad. Identifying yourself helps figure out what weak points you need to work on and strong points you can expand to make excellent. If you don’t know you are, how can you know what you can become? This essay is about my personality, learning style, and transferable/adaptive skills in my words according to research that has been done. ENTJ is my personality according to the Golden Personality Test. I am a leader that loves to learn as much as possible to face any oncoming obstacles. My strengths include: The ability to turn conflict situations into positive lessons, the ability to take constructive criticism well, and extremely direct and straight-forward just to name a few. My weaknesses include: The tendency to get involved in "win-lose" conversations, enthusiasm for verbal debates can seem to appear argumentative, and being critical of opinions and attitudes which don't match my own. The first step to knowing what I am is to about myself. My research from is beneficial to notice what are my traits and work towards making them better. This information will help me adjust my weaknesses to become strong assets to my strengths. My learning style is 40% visual, 35% audio, and 25% written. Learning styles are important for you to understand. It is the way you process and comprehend what’s being taught. If you understand the way you learn will help avoid complications with retaining information. For example, visual-learning students will sometimes struggle during essay exams, because they can't recall test material that was "heard" in a lecture. However, if the visual learner...
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