Self-Directed Learning

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Secondary Writing Assessment


Empire State College Secondary Writing Assessment

Write an essay in which you identify an example from your own life of "self-directed learning" As defined by Steltenpohl, Shipton and Villines,

"Self-directed learning refers to being proactive, taking the initiative in learning, compared with teacher-directed learning where the learner is told what to do and how to do it, and perhaps coached through the process. This is one of the important differences between the expectations of students in primary or secondary school. Self-directed learning is also a skill that is transferable to learning outside a school situation ... " (Orientation to College, 2nd ed., p. 167)

In your essay, identify something you have learned without a "teacher" instructing you, something that you learned because you wanted or needed to learn it. The example you choose should be a case in which you may have gotten help from others, but in which you weren't formally taught in a classroom environment.

In your essay, be sure to make specific references to the quotation. Also be sure that your essay answers each of the following questions:
1. How did you go about learning it? Describe the process of your learning. 2. What do you think this example tells us about you as a learner and how you learn most effectively? 3. Think of this as a way of introducing yourself to your mentors: How would it be useful to your primary mentor?

Your essay should demonstrate your ability to understand the topic, to organize ideas, to provide well-chosen details, and to write clear, grammatical and mechanically correct standard English.

PLEASE NOTE: Your essay must be 1,000 words or less in order to receive a holistic score.
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