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Topics: Psychology, Learning, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Summary on Self-directed Learning and Culture: a study on Malay adult learners.

This journal talks about the relationship between SDL and the learning culture focusing on the Malay adult learners. The element of culture plays an important role in adult learning and it has been noted that self-directed learning is the central concept in the study and practice of adult education. Self-directed learning is related to the learners’ culture, learning style personality traits motivation and readiness to accept responsibility and these characteristics emphasis on the individuality of the learners in any learning environment will come to consideration. The present study intends to investigate the influence of the Malay culture on self-directed learning among Malay adult learners which could bridge the gap between the Malay culture and self-directed learning by providing breakthrough into Malay adult learners. Thus add to the knowledge regarding adult learners, and also help to generate better understanding of the Malay adult learners and the influence culture has in their learning process. Developing self-directed learning readiness will help to escalate the process of becoming life-long learners among adult learners. Cultural influences on the different levels of self-directed learning readiness on Malay adult learners were discussed.

Does culture have any influence on self-directed learning of the Malay adult learners?

Does culture have any impact on the self-directed learning of the Malay adult learners?

Self-directed learning is part and parcel of the psychological and social development of adulthood. Self-directed learners are said to demonstrate greater awareness of their responsibility in making learning meaningful and monitoring them, thus making them more effective learners and social beings. Self-directed learning is an approach where learners are motivated to assume personal responsibility and collaborative control of the cognitive and...
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