Self-Determination in Memoirs of a Geisha

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Self-Determination in The Memoirs of a Geisha
Memoirs of a Geisha tells the story of a young girl, Chiyo, who transcends her fishing-village roots to become one of Japan's most appreciated geishas. It's a story which brings much life into the characters of the book, using many different climaxes as well as conflicts to show the many different relationship of the characters. Chiyo goes through many hardships throughout the reading, but once finally accepting her fate, she is finally determined to become the successful geisha she was brought the okiya to be.

In the beginning of the story Memoirs of a Geisha, Chiyo does not consider that her new future is a much greater future than her old future would have been if she had not been taken away from her family in Yorido. Once been brought to the okiya, Chiyo and her older sister Satsu had been separated, and not knowing where Satsu has been taken brings on a type of determination that will not benefit Chiyo at all. Chiyo is determined to run away and find her older sister. She is completely oblivious to the fact that Granny and Mother are investing money into her so that some day she could become successful in the world. Successful by transforming into a geisha (Gale)."

A geisha is a highly-trained Japanese artist and entertainer who spends her live perfecting arts. Arts such as: music, dance, tea ceremony, music, and usually the gift of song. Geisha are required to have skills to keep parties lively by dancing, serving tea, and simply chatting with the guests. Geisha are not prostitutes. They certainly do not sell themselves for sex, but it is possible for a geisha to have sex with her clients. This is one hundred percent by choice and is not one of the services purchased when you hire a geisha (Mimshima).

Chiyo faces many challenges and comes to the conclusion that she may not in fact become a successful geisha. First off, Hatsumomo is a very beautiful and successful geisha who is intimidated by Chiyo's...
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