Topics: Motivation, Self-determination theory, Self-determination Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: March 26, 2013
In life, there are many things that people believe in that will help them succeed in their life. Some may believe in intelligence or others may believe in a certain talent they have. All the things people do believe in that will help them succeed in life; these things require one to have determination. Determination is defined as the act of coming to a decision or settling a purpose. In other words, when you want something, you must have it, no matter what it takes you to receive it. In this paper, I will discuss the importance of determination and where it can cause a person to reach. What is determination? Determination is the most important trait that anyone will have to live with. It’s a characteristic that will encourage and inspire yourself and also those that are around you. Determination is having the willingness to accomplish something no matter how hard it may seem to accomplish. It causes people to have strength in a time of weakness. When people are determined, it allows them to do their best and aim for their goals in life. I remember having to run the mile run in the military and we had to have a passing score. It came to a point during running the mile where I wanted to quit and stop running. I was feeling weak and I wanted to stop but I knew if I stopped running, I wouldn’t pass the run. So I drilled it in my mind to keep running so I can pass. I became determined in my mind to pass my two mile run and I passed. There are different ways a person can be determined. A person can be self determined. Self determination is when a person focuses on their own natural or intrinsic tendencies and allows themselves to behave in effective way. In other words, they focus on their own personal goals they have set for themselves and they do whatever it takes to reach that certain goal. Edward L. Deci and Richard R. Ryan of the University of Rochester believe in the Self-Determination Theory. Their theory is that determination is motivation. This could be true...
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