Self Description and Cities Comparisson

Topics: Buenos Aires, Economy, Mexico City Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: September 19, 2012
Self description Emma

My full name is Emma Lorena Iglesias Mancera. I was born in Mexico City in June of 1974 and I grew up in Argentina, where my father is from. My parents and brother actually live there, in Buenos Aires province, but I live with my baby-boy Uriel and my husband Edgar in Jiquilpan de Juárez, in Michoacán state, Mexico. I studied at Universidad del Salvador, located in Buenos Aires city, in Argentina. I have a Bachelor in International Affairs, and also I studied many courses of International Marketing and Commerce, Cultural Tourism and World Heritage, Conversation in English language, and many others. My first important job was at Argentina Foreign Affairs Secretary, as a consultant for Commercial Affairs. Later, I came to Mexico to improve my knowledge and experience back up, to learn new skills and know different people. I worked as graphic reporter at Público-Milenio newspaper in Guadalajara Jalisco, and AZ newspaper in Xalapa, Veracruz. I used to work as University teacher in Morelia City, where I lived the last 6 years. Some of the courses I taught were Economical Policy, Economic Science, International Affairs, International Politics and Economic Geographic. Then, in July of 2011 my child Uriel was born so I did not return to the teaching job. Last December Edgar and I decided to move out Morelia, so we came to Jiquilpan where we live now. At this time, I continue my professional studies at Ciidir -IPN Michoacán unit to get a Master degree in Sustainable Agricultural Production. I am very interested in uses of wild resources like agave, and social and economic relations in Michoacán rural communities. I am very happy with the courses and my new friends, also with the teachers and homeworks, because I think that studies make me improve my professional and social skills and I will be able to get interesting projects and jobs in the future.

Cities comparison-Jiquilpan and Morelia
alternative beggining: Morelia and Jiquilpan...
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