Self Defense Is the Only Justifiable Violence

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  • Published : November 15, 2010
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Raymond Jones Jones1

Professor Burchett


November 11, 2010

Words: 400

Success in resisting violence?

It would be easy to say that violence is justified when it is necessary “The tension is, at

bottom, between justice and injustice, between the forces of light and the forces of darkness”

stated by King. But, who decides what is necessary and what is not? What is necessary is only

apparent in retrospect, since it is usually the success of the victor getting the upper hand and tight

grasp of a situation that determines who write history, we often accept whatever they claim as

necessary. Necessity becomes a huge loophole I think that violence may sometimes be Jones2

necessary, but it is never just. Although, in the case of suicide bombers “The only person who

matters is Allah - -and the only question he will ask me is ’How many infidels did you kill?” We

should understand that even what we deem necessity is shameful and unfair, and strive

to use violence only as a last resort. To contradict this, there are arguments that pacifism can

solve most issues. Pacifists believe that violence is not justified also; they oppose the use of force

under any circumstances. Life is sacrosanct, and no values or beliefs allow you to take the life of

another. However, when someone is using violence to encroach upon another person’s rights, or

to take other lives, it is hard to advocate complete abstinence from violence. One can argue that

doing this would merely allow the rampant spread of evil in the world.”The end is the creation of

the beloved community, the aftermath of violence is tragic bitterness” again King. The...
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