Self Defeating Behaviors

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  • Published : March 14, 2012
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One of my self-defeating behaviors is that (I wonder if I’m “college material”). I often wonder at times if I really am college material I am 29 years old and have tried college before a couple of times and in the end I ended up letting things in life derail my attempts to be successful. Examples from the past include my mother’s health the death of my grandfather and the health of my grandmother. Currently my mom passed away and had her funeral last week so logically I think wow all these major things happen in my life while I try to be a success in school am I really college material. What may have caused this behavior I do not really know I am sure it goes back to earlier in my life while in middle school I was doing well and had connected with my absent father when he decided to up and move across the country. I did not know how to handle it and let it affect my school work. In turn later in my college years I had major life events which I was not sure how to cope with and let them affect my thinking if I really should be in college. Now I have grown up more and know the easy way out is to let life get the best of me but I have let life get the best of me to many times I am college material and I will be a success. This behavior has in turn delayed my success in school and negatively affected my self-esteem. As for changing this behavior it would positively affect my self-esteem letting me believe in myself more also giving me the positive affirmation that I am indeed college material.

Repeat this process for one of your self-defeating thought patterns of for one of your self-defeating emotional patterns:
One of my self-defeating thought patterns is that I often wonder if I am indeed smart enough to complete college. I often think this during class while questions are being asked and frankly I have no clue many times. For instance my history class I took I got good grades on my homework I can do bookwork but when it came to class and the...
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