Self-Critique Assignment

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  • Published : August 8, 2007
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Self-Critique Assignment

Interpersonal Communication:
The conversational process involves a series of communication techniques and skills toward the goal of competent communication. People, myself included, are often concerned with how well their communicating skills actually are. Elements of competent communication that I do well with are involvement, in which I am not distracted from a conversation and am tuned in. I also do a relatively good job expressing my ideas to reach a common goal, or if the other participant in the conversation is confused, I am able to reassess and create a new communication strategy. A weakness that I have would be my nonverbal strategies where I do not often use body language or make gestures.

Researchers who have studied interpersonal relationships have concluded that relationship develop over time and are continuously changing. These changes in relationships often occur in phases such as the initiation phase, maturation phase, and finally the termination process. The initiation phase entails a series of characteristics and strategies dealing with new acquaintances. My strengths, following these strategies would be that I am attentive throughout the conversation and constantly finding similarities between myself and the other person. However, I avoid asking probing question for fear of intruding on someone therefore making it difficult to form a stereotype or categorization for an individual. In the maturation phase I find that I share more personal information about myself and find out more about others as well. My weaknesses in this stage usually involve the avoidance of commitment. In the termination phase, the most common type, in my case, is passing away strategies. Often it is difficult to keep in touch with others and with less-frequent interaction people fall out of touch and relationships dissolve.

Conflict management is a vital component to interpersonal communication. The productive strategies that I have would...
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