Self Critique

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  • Published : May 2, 2011
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There are many skills, strengths, and weaknesses I have come to grasp and obtain throughout the time and effort I have put into this course. I have learned a lot from the following topics such as; verbal and nonverbal communication, research, and preparation. One who can take advantage of these attributes learned in speech 131 can become very successful in the real world. I will now be able to apply everything that I have learned thus far to better myself for my bright future ahead. The information I have obtained will know be stated throughout the duration of my self critique paper. I have attained a large amount of skills throughout the duration of this course. I have developed more confidence in my ability to communicate. I have come to attain a number of nonverbal communication skills such as learning to give my full physical attention to the speaker. My body language is perfect while I am listening to a speech. I am more aware of the speaker’s nonverbal messages. I now look close at the audience’s nonverbal facial expressions to better my performance in my speech. I can listen with my whole body. I have attained many verbal communication skills as well. I have come to realize that your voice is an extremely powerful tool. When I speak now my voice is never heard flat, monotone, or uninteresting. I can speak in a way that is both interesting and powerful. I developed a skill where people will pay more attention to what I say, but will also be willing to do what I say. I vary the speed of my voice for example to not speak too fast or too slow. This class has greatly improved my researching skills. I know always ask myself what do I know that will help me develop my topic? I know how to assess my personal knowledge in my research. I developed a research plan by answering several questions about my topic and its specific purpose. I can clearly recite my research to my fellow classmates clearly without any kind of strenuous thoughts. My preparation skills...
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