Self Critique

Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Self-Critique Assignment
I think I done a good job of stating my introduction of stating my thesis. My thesis was Lionel Messi is considered one of the world's greatest soccer players because he has broke Barcelona's all time goal scoring record, he has scored 91 goals in a calender year, and won four straight player of the year awards. I really didn't like my transitions of “ On to my next topic”, I feel like I could have used a variety of different transitions. To be honest, I really don't remember me giving any kind of attention grabber for my audience. I am pretty sure I just jumped right into my speech. I think I done a good job of closing with an impact by stating how many goals Messi had on the season and saying he could very well be on his way to another record breaking season. I done a good job of restating my thesis in my conclusion. I think I followed a clear organizational pattern by following a order chronological of when things happened. I think I done an okay job of maintaining eye contact with my audience. I caught myself a couple of time s with my eyes closed for a couple of seconds. My confidence started off sky high and then I get a little nervous as my speech went on. I don't feel like I had to use my note cards that much because I knew my topic so well. I was very excited to tell talk to my audience about one of my favorite soccer players. At times I feel like I was talking loud and fast. I could have slowed down a little bit to give my audience time to absorb my information. One of my classmates, said that I used “haha” a few times as a verbal filler and I had a few uhhs and umms in my conclusion. I feel like I chose the prefect topic for me because it was a topic I knew so much about my topic in general and I am pretty passionate when it comes to sports in general. I felt like I was pretty credible on the topic because I started following his career right when he was starting too do some these things. I didn't get to cite all the sources...
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