Self-confidence: Confidence and Self-assurance

Topics: Confidence, Self-confidence, Self Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: March 23, 2013

In our life, there are two words between you and your success. Than if you reached to this words, I am sure you are successful person and you can make the success one after another in anywhere. In addition I am sure you will accept knowledge and experience more than others. In this essay I am going to define these two words which called self-assurance, which basis of the successful person. Everybody have abilities and decisions also have potentials, but all of this needs confidence to be prominent. In my assay I will discuss about concept of self-assurance, I will compare between it and vanity, and the positive effects of it… For that reason we need to compare between them, with example from reality. First one _ self-assurance _ comes from several factors which are: repeat successes, has the ability to override the difficulties and embarrassing situations and wisdom in dealing. In addition self-assurance programmed the person to accept the result whatever. For that, I am like most people’s which think it is something positive. On another hand, the vanity means feeling of greatness and dust perfection. So, the different between them is the self-assurance is estimate of possibilities available. But, the second is loss or abuse of this estimate. For example: the vanity person doesn't listen to others except him and he always talking about himself. He cannot believe that he may makes mistakes. He believes that he can be in the right place rather than others. But, the achievements are talking about the confident person. Therefore, the one of the greatest common mistakes is to say that vanity is the same self-confidence or even confuse them. That is because vanity is demolition agent rights while confidence flying the rights. the very unfortunate to say that, the self-assurance can be grow to the point that see to its owner – in him self- he has ability on everything . Then, here turning to vanity. So, we can say there is one hair between...
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