Self Concept Perspective of Boys in the Hood Film

Topics: Mother, Father, High school Pages: 1 (460 words) Published: April 11, 2011
Trey had positive appraisal and proper guidance, which allowed him to feel good about himself and to know the differences between right and wrong. He had parents that were very involved when it came to things such as school and chores at home. Being raised this way you would think that his parents wouldn’t want him to be around kids such as Ricky and Doughboy but I think his father may have wanted to his son to have the exposure to see that he has parents to both love and care about him where his friends don’t to see how when you do the things that his friends do that you will get in trouble and end up dead or in jail. Ricky has a decent strong self-concept because he receives positive appraisal from his mother but unlike Trey does he does not receive the same guidance. In his mothers eyes Ricky could do no wrong. Still in high school Ricky was already a father his mother sees him kissing his girl friend and warns them that is how they got their first baby, Instead of getting on him that he should be extra cautious she casually brush’s it off. Ricky doesn’t have that same role model figure to learn from as Trey does even though he had plans to go to college he was only going so he could play football and hopefully one day be in the NFL his SAT scores weren’t high enough when a recruiter came to talk to him through the movie we see that he is trying hard to study for the test and after his death we find out that he got his score high enough to get the scholarship everyone always focused so much on football that no one ever really stressed education to him. Doughboy on the other hand never received positive appraisal and always received negative appraisal especially from his mother she always told him how he wasn’t any good and that he would never amount to anything. When it came to him and his brother if anything ever when wrong their mother always blamed it on doughboy. From the time he was young Doughboy was in and out of trouble and it ultimately killed...
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