Self- Compassion and Self-Talk

Topics: Virtue, Compassion, Emotion Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: May 9, 2012

Edgar Gonzales
California College San Diego
Communication Arts/Eng223
Elizabeth Sanchez
January 19, 2012

Self- Compassion & Self-Talk
Self –Compassion is something that is critical in order for us to be confident in ourselves and stress free (Neff, 2011). We have a lot of respect for other people and compassion for them as well. Sometimes we even treat them better than ourselves! Sometimes we treat people better than ourselves. We help them when they are going through hard times by trying to comfort them. As the article “Self-Compassion: Treating Yourself as You'd Treat a Good Friend “(Neff, 2011) asks “how many of us are good at being compassionate to ourselves? This is a good question to ask, because one thing I learned by reading this article is that beating ourselves up isn’t a resolution. It only makes us feel worse and bring negative energy to our lives. We are all imperfect and we will make mistakes but it’s about how we approach them that makes a difference. If we don’t have love for ourselves, then who will? We treat other people with a lot of respect but towards ourselves we rarely stop to think about how we treat our own body and mind. Caring for other people is a necessary part of life so we can be normal as everyone else with feelings and emotions and to show that we are human not just some cold blooded person who has no heart. One thing I will start doing is identifying how I need to feel about myself when I make mistakes. I understand that I will make mistakes and mess up here and there, but now I know that it’s ok and I will just push myself and give myself positive thoughts to get through the tough situations. Works Cited

Neff, K. (2011, April 25). Self-Compassion: Treating Yourself As You'd Treat a Good Friend. Retrieved from
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