Self Branding

Topics: Self-esteem, Brand management, Brand Pages: 3 (592 words) Published: February 19, 2011
Personal Branding
Sub: - Elective Marketing (Brand Management)

Project Brief:-
How to brand self.
What is Self /Personal Branding
IN today’s competitive world and in the era of one up-man ship it is extremely important that one should be aware to self and the strength he/she possess. Building and maintaining image of self is a very important aspect of a persona. We have seen and will continue see the disasters because of low self image a self esteem. Let it be in the personal, social, or professional life, maintaining this image is a must. To maintain or build image as an assets of self which is can be traded against a material or a not material aspect. Personal branding is a creation of image which will differentiate you from the rest of the crowed.

How can I brand myself:-
Understand of self, understanding the environment, looking and taping the opportunities around, keep a vigil on the threats and weakness, Making use of all the available resources, making use of all the positive energy around me.

Understand self by Self SWOT

|Confidence |Under Estimation of self | |Knowledge of job |Taking things too seriously | |Networking skills |Taking people on face value | |Team skills |Take time to arrive on balance view. | | | | |Immense Value adds if organised at work and personal life. | | |Need to leverage the consistency aspect in the professional...
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