Self-Assessment on My Writing

Topics: Spelling, Orthography, Spell checker Pages: 1 (388 words) Published: October 24, 2010
A self-assessment on my writing

I always got good grades in English back in high school, but I was a student of the digital age so computers were always my backbone. They have document outlines for pretty much everything (essays, journals, letters etc.). Spelling and grammar check also play big roles in my writing today. I have to admit that if these tools were no longer available to me, and I had to depend on just paper and pen alone, I would have a rough time with my writing. As a matter of fact I used spelling and grammar check about ten times up to this point. I used to be fairly good at spelling words, but I have noticed that using spell check over these years has dramatically hindered my own knowledge of spelling. I rely on it to much, knowing that it will automatically replace my misspelled words with the correct spelling. This is also the case with my grammar(although truth be told, I was never really good at it to begin with). Grammar check plays the biggest role in my writing today. It highlights the sentences and paragraphs where I have failed to use correct grammar, and allows me to rewrite them as many times as it takes till it rules it correct. This feature explains why it has ruled my grammar incorrect and also gives suggestions on how I can correct it. I have read these suggestions many a time, yet I still find myself unable to properly use them when I write with just pen and paper alone. I love to read books, but sadly it does not reflect in my writing. I can follow books really well and understand the words that are being implemented in them, but for some reason I fail at achieving this standard myself. With all that being said, I know my writing needs a lot of work. That is why if I were to rate my writing on a scale from 1-10, I would have to give myself a “5”. But I am determined to raise that rate all the way to “10”, because it is essential that I learn everything I possibly can about writing, because it not only plays a big...
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