Self Assessment Essay

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  • Published : October 25, 2011
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Lucia Rodriguez
Professor Ralph Satterthwaite
English 14-004
Self-Assessment Essay
In college, writing essays becomes something you must get used too. Most classes require at least one essay to be completed. In my English class, we write the most essays. Writing essays isn’t easy for me though. I struggle in writing them because I have a hard time wording things, and have a lot of sentences that are too long. In this English class my goals are to improve my writing skills and reading skills. Another thing I would like to improve in my writing is expanding my vocabulary. Using strong and big words keeps the reader interested, and it sounds better.

When I was younger I kept a journal. I wrote in it everyday. I mainly wrote about what was on my mind, and wrote down how I felt. It helped me to deal with my feelings better, and cope with them. I express myself better by writing down how I feel. Even though it was to nobody, I was able to let it all out on paper.

Writing essays wasn’t just an assignment to do it class, it was more than that. At my high school there is an essay competition called “Laws Of Life”. In this essay, you had to pick a quote, any quote. It could be from song, a movie, or just quote by anybody. In the essay you write about why you chose that quote and how it relates to your life. The contest was among four high schools in our area.

Each grade had a winner, and three honorable mentions. Each winner won an award of cash. You write an essay, submit it and finalists are chosen. Then, at a ceremony the winner is announced there. My sophomore year I wrote an essay, and won first place! A nice prize of $300. I was so proud that my writing touched the judges hearts and that readers were able to read my story. I was surprised that I won. I talked about my childhood experience, and my talent in running. Usually most people who write and win, don’t participate it in the following high schools years. I took a shot at it again my junior year,...
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