Self Assessment Essay

Topics: Personality psychology, Career, Personality type Pages: 4 (1298 words) Published: February 8, 2011
I began by taking the Personality Type Test. I received the label of ENFJ. It placed me at 60% Extroverted, 53% Intuitive, 73% Feeler, and 67% Judger. I very much agree with my emotion type being labeled extroverted. I often find myself rejuvenated when around others, and a key point on this scale is that you draw energy from others and then direct emotions and energy outward. I always put my effort into helping others and doing what I can for the things and people around me. For information gathering, I was placed into the Intuitive category. I also think this is accurate. Strengths of this type of information gathering are the ability to grasp the big picture and ask why. People in this category value knowledge, and are often referred to with words such as inventive, creative, insightful, and imaginative. In my opinion, these words do a good job of describing parts of my character. The biggest reason I agree with my placement in the intuitive category is because of the major weakness, which is that they may have their heads in the clouds when tasks require a more practical , hands-on approach. I often find myself having trouble with this very same obstacle.

The next branch of the personality type test is decision making. I was categorized as a Feeler. These people are ruled allow their hearts to rule rather than their heads. They can try to understand all points of view but may overextend selves to meet other’s needs. I constantly find myself overextending to help someone else out. It doesn’t matter if they would do the same for me. I am very tender-hearted, emotional, and caring, which is why I match up to the Feeler. The last test is one on temporal and structural orientation. In this I scored in the range of a Judger. This labels me as organized, controlled, and decisive. It means I would make a wonderful manager because of my ability to delegate and follow through. I am also decisive and good at finding a solution to long standing...
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