Self Assessment Assignment

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Jeremy Frisby
Eng 111
Self Assessment Assignment
In the beginning of this class, we were asked to write an email to the professor and include our feelings towards writing in the email. I explained that I enjoy writing but I always found myself quitting in the middle of a story because I didn’t have any structure. I would consistently run into writer’s block, and simply give up. English 111 has given me that structure that I have lacked in the past.

I feel confident that I am able to write more than just a couple of pages now. Professor William’s response to my introductory email was, “This class is designed to teach structure.” She was correct in that it does, she also said I was in good hands, and she couldn’t have been any more correct about that.

The assignments in this class were both easy but challenging at the same time. I found it challenging to get started on my essays, but once I did get started, it was cake to finish. For each assignment, I found it easier to get started after I read the sample essays that Professor Williams provided us. I thought this was very helpful and I am appreciative for her doing that.

The memoir essay was an easy one for me. I wrote about the worst day I ever had in my life. I thought it was easy because it was as simple as writing down my memories of that day.
The profile/observation essay was also an easy one. I chose to do my observation on something that was meaningful to me. By choosing to profile a place that was near to my heart, I was able to express my feelings towards the place and how it has changed over the years.

I had some trouble getting started on the evaluation essay. I was trying so hard to come up with a subject that I was neutral on, and it is very difficult to do! Everything I could come up with, I realized that I was very biased on the subjects I wanted to write about. Therefore, I decided to write about Hilton Hotels Corporation. A company that I am very familiar with, yet I...
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