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Week 8 Self Assessment:

Assess Yourself: Self-Assessment Questionnaire
From ON COURSE, by Skip

Thank you for taking the time to complete your assessment.
Scores have been calculated based on your answers and are displayed in the table below. Score ranges are displayed below that to help you interpret your scores.

There are additional activities below the tables for you to complete. We hope these activities will help you will discover changes that you want to want to make in your behaviors and beliefs, changes that will get you on course to a rich, personally fulfilling life.

Your Score:

accept self-responsibility
seeing themselves as the primary cause of their outcomes and experiences.

see themselves as victims,
believing that what happens to them is determined primarily by external forces such as fate, luck, and powerful others.

discover self-motivation,
finding purpose in their lives by discovering personally meaningful goals and dreams.

have difficulty sustaining
motivation, often feeling depressed, frustrated, and/or resentful about a lack of direction in their lives.

master self-management,
consistently planning and taking purposeful actions in pursuit of their goals and dreams.

seldom identify specific actions
needed to accomplish a desired outcome. And when they do, they tend to procrastinate.

employ interdependence,
building mutually supportive relationships that help them achieve their goals and dreams (while helping others do the same).

are solitary, seldom requesting,
even rejecting, offers of assistance from those who can help.

gain self-awareness,
consciously employing behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes that will keep them on course.

make important choices
unconsciously, being directed by self-sabotaging habits and outdated life scripts.

adopt lifelong learning,
finding valuable lessons and wisdom in nearly every experience they have.

resist learning new ideas and
skills, viewing learning as fearful or boring rather than as mental play.

developing Emotional
Intelligence, effectively managing their emotions in support of their goals and dreams.

live at the mercy of their
emotions, such as anger, depression, anxiety, or a need for instant gratification.


believe in themselves,
seeing themselves as capable, lovable and unconditionally worthy as human beings.

doubt their competence and
personal value, feeling inadequate to create their desired outcomes and experiences.

There are 3 ranges of scores:
Score Range

A Score Within Range

0-39 area where your choices will
seldom keep you on course.

40-63 area where your choices will
sometimes keep you on course.

64-80 area where your choices will
usually keep you on course.

You can
see how your scores were calculated:

Inventory Activity

Inventory your personal strengths and
weaknesses as revealed by your self-assessment questionnaire.

1.) Write about the areas on the self-assessment in which you had your highest scores. Explain why you think you scored higher in these areas than in others. (You may want to look at how your scores were calculated above to these scores help in answering this question.) Also, explore how you feel about these scores. Keep your entries under 2000 characters (about 2 paragraphs). Your entry

might begin:
By doing the self-assessment, I also learned that I...
have learned a lot, in this course, about myself and have changed a lot of my beliefs that I previously had from negative to positive. The areas where I scored higher are; accepting personal responsibility, discovering self-motivation, adopting lifelong learning, developing emotional intelligence, and belief in themselves. I scored higher in these areas...
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