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“The greatest success is successful self-acceptance” (Ben Sweet). I am a twenty-seven year old single mother to a two-year-old healthy boy. I was born in Monterey Park, California and raised in the city of El Monte. Growing up, my parents always kept me busy. I danced and performed “La Quebradita” a Mexican dance and played soccer since the age of six. I attended Nativity Catholic School then graduated from El Monte High School with a GPA of 3.78. I was involved with student government, sports such as volleyball, soccer, and softball, and received a couple of scholarships upon graduating. I received my Associates Degree from East Los Angeles College in 2008 where I continued my soccer experience by playing for their women’s soccer team. I am the first sibling in my immediate family to try and pursue a college degree. I grew up with a younger sister and brother who look up to me dearly. My parents taught us to stay by each other’s side so we could take on the world together when times got rough. My mom is an instructional aid while my dad works in the construction industry. My parents worked hard to raise and instill good values and morals for their three children. Five of my greatest strengths, which I have acquired throughout the years, are harmony, consistency, significance, discipline, and responsibility. Regardless of my strengths and accomplishments, my greatest challenge in life is successful self-acceptance. I am always pushing myself to do my best to satisfy others rather than myself. I cannot accept myself if others do not approve. Slowly, I am realizing it is impossible to make the whole world happy if I am not truly happy. I am learning to take time for myself and follow through with tasks that make me feel skilled.

Furthermore, the best word that describes me is generous. I am an individual who puts others’ needs before my own. For example, if I am driving and stop to buy food, regardless of how hungry I may be, I will kindly...
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