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Self-Reflective Assignment
The project was on the provision of marketing strategies and recommendations to Noel Village for their product VISTAR that would help the company in meeting the current challenges faced by them in the competitive environment of today’s business world. The objective of this project was to come up with strategic marketing recommendations for the company by a meticulous and stage wise analysis of the vital issues that serve as the driving force in the business arena of Oil & Gas Industry. The aim of this essay is to reflect on the key phases that have contributed significantly to the learning of the team as a whole. Extensive market research was done for this project. I’ll be explaining the events based on three major events described below: 1. Getting the Client

2. Preparing the Project Plan
3. Integrating the Plan & Delivering the Project
The above described events will describe the entire project into three phases. These above stated phases will be described on the basis on these sub-events: a) Describe the event
b) How were you involved?
c) Why was this event significant for you?
d) What went well and what went poorly?
e) What did you learn from this event?

1. Getting the Client
This part of the essay will discuss how we got our clients. This will focus on the issues that we faced in order to get the clients. Describe the events
What fascinated me a lot in this module is the interaction between the students as a group and the teacher, as well as the interaction among the students themselves. Our module leader, Dr. Rob Wapshott, is a great teacher and mentor and he helped us to learn about all the methods and techniques used in completing this project and exploring our potentials. The main concern of this module was the interaction of MBA students with the real life problematic situations in the business world and find solutions to those problems. The class was divided into groups of students and was asked to select a company based in Sheffield region. We were provided with a list of names of the companies whom we can choose as our client. We had to choose five companies and then had to narrow it down to one. After a big discussion among our group, we decided to narrow down two companies Arrow Technical & Noel Village. How were you involved?

I had to shortlist five companies from the list we were provided. After shortlisting five companies, we had to narrow down to one company. Based on the potential of the work, I narrowed down two companies, Arrow Technical & Noel Village. The project outline of Arrow Technical was based on communication process and involves software knowledge; I wanted to do this project so I convinced my other group members for this project. But, we were not able to get that project and we chose Noel Village. I was able to influence my team members to choose the projects I was interested in. Why was this event significant for you?

There are couple of reasons why this is important to me. I have worked in different parts of the world but never got the opportunity to work in UK. This was my first experience with a UK based firm. Apart from that, I wanted to gain some experience related to my field of study. I wanted to apply my knowledge in Business Administration that I gained by doing MBA course. Also, this project helped me in extending my network. It was a great experience. Getting the project of our choice was a significant phase of the project. I wanted to choose projects in which I can demonstrate my ability & skills well and at the same time learn from it. In this project, we were exposed to the client’s market which is apparently a huge market of Oil & Gas industry. There were a lot of things we would learn from this besides applying the marketing techniques. Apart from the marketing techniques, I was able to apply my Engineering skills in this project. This project contained topics...
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