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Self Ananlysis Test

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Self Analysis Report
Behaviour in Organizations
Submitted by: Ajitha Katakam (PGP25249)

I. WHAT ABOUT ME? A. Personality Insights
1. What’s My Basic Personality? Extraversion Agreeableness Conscientiousness Emotional Stability Openness to Experience 2. What my Jungian 16-type personality? (ISTJ etc.) 3. Am I type — A? 4. How well do I handle Ambiguity? 5. How creative am I ? 7 11 8 10 10 INTP 105 (A-) 28 -5 Attach Value Filled Questionnaire 34 55 -3

B. Values and Attitude Insights
1. What do I value? 2. How involved am I in my job? 3. How satisfied am I with my job? 4. What are my attitudes towards workplace diversity?

C. Motivation Insights
1. What motivates me? Growth needs Relatedness needs Existence needs 2. What are my dominant needs? Achievement Affiliation Autonomy Power 3. What rewards do I value most? 4. What is my view of the nature of people? 5. What are my course performance goals? 6. How confident am I in my abilities to succeed? 7. What’s my attitude toward achievement? Fall Reward 8. How sensitive am I to equity differences? 9. What’s my job’s motivating potential? MPS 10. Do I want an enriched job? 3.9 18 11 15 16 Attached 23 10 45 17 45 16.3 14 16 14

D. Decision Making Insights
1. What’s my decision-making style? Intuitive

Rational 2. Am I procrastinator? 3. How do my ethics rate? 18 Attach your results 34 35 Attach your results 89

E. Other
1. What’s my emotional intelligence score? 2. What time of day am I most productive 3. How good am I at personal planning? 4. Am I likely to become an entrepreneur?

II. WORKING WITH OTHERS A. Communication Skills
1. What’s my face-to-face communication style? Dominant Dramatic Contentious Animated Impression Relaxed Attentive Open Friendly 2. How good are my listening skills? -1.1 -0.6 0 1 0.2 -0.4 -0.4 -1.2 -0.5 42

B. Leadership and Team skills
1. What’s my leadership style? People Oriented Task Oriented 2. How charismatic am I? Management of attention Management of meaning...

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