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Self Analysis

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Charles Ostler


Janice Carter-Steward

Oral Communication

Seminar 6 Self Analysis Paper


I will start off by answering the first question of my class presentational experiences, strengths and weaknesses. Second, I will explain the importance of effective communication in my life. Finally, I will discuss how I personally use the information presented in this class in the “real world”. My paper will be written out like any other paper with an introduction, body, and a conclusion.


My experience during this course was fun. I enjoyed learning different topics and doing different speeches. My interest in this course increase more and more throughout the course as I was learning different material. The best experience I had was doing a persuasive speech and an impromptu speech. My strengths I believed came out tremendously during these two speeches. I believed my eye contact improved throughout the course and my confidence grew stronger as we went through the seminars. My weaknesses continue to stay with me as I went through each speech. I believed my tone of voice improved a little during my last two speeches but I do not think my tone got to the point I wanted. Being able to continuously looking at the camera was hard for me and became a trend. Using eye contact was a problem for me. Again, I do believe this weakness improved towards the end of the course. Also, I believe my body language during my speeches was weak at the beginning and a little bit towards the end. I believe my best body language during a speech was when I presented my persuasive speech. Overall, I think I did well during my speeches, but if I could have done better with my weaknesses I think my final grade would of change tremendously in a good way.

The importance of effective communication is seen in everyday life. Without it, no matter how hard I tried or even if it is a good idea, I will not be able to fully convey it to the person who is...

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